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Origami has certified professional teachers taking the summer camp experience to a whole new level. Summer camp starts in July and ends in mid-September.
A rich daily schedule is offered to kids starting the age of 3. A snack is given in the morning and a healthy lunch around 1. Kids can attend either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
A Wide selection of activities is available for the development of Body, Mind, and Soul for all participating children including: creative arts, crafts, drama, sports (gymnastics, taekwondo, dancing, mini-football etc), shows (magician, bubble show, puppet show, dog show) music, dance, cooking, playstation 3, theatre, cinema and more.

and much more!

There is also a special “Theme Day” at camp. Once a week, the kids enjoy a uniquely designed theme day where the Origami team of professionals organize a PARTY or CARNIVAL, WATER GAMES, NATURE DAY, KERMESS, PYJAMAS DAY, FOOTBALL DAY...
Also, during the year, courses might vary, with seasonal courses added to the program.

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