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They are 5 women,Caline Taleb, Carine Daccache, Corinne Chedraoui, Danielle el Khoury and Lisa Abousleiman. Dynamic, ambitious & creative. Together they founded something beautiful, delicate & artistic for children to be able to play, learn and be happy at the same time. They founded ORIGAMI.

Origami is home to a variety of educational and fun activities for children and adults.
It is an exciting concept that offers kids, teenagers and adults hours of entertainment with educational, artistic and specially tailored activities.
Each moment is an adventure at Origami and an opportunity to create your own world!

Children can have fun, be entertained, celebrate special occasions and birthdays, and most importantly learn & enjoy new activities. In the last years, Origami has become the leading benchmark for kids in edutainment (education and entertainment).
Origami offers courses like theatre and paintingwith other courses offered seasonally. Origami is a place where a child can spend the day, with the parents or without (Daily drop-ins). Origami has a summer camp from July to mid-September. Origami also offers kids a place where they can celebrate their birthdays, with special themes, personalized activities, delicious food and a place where parents can sit, have a meal, or sip a coffee, basically relax, while the kids are having fun.

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